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Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.
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I have used both hot(heat shrinkable sleeves) and cold applied bitumen based wra...


Black,Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,White,Clear color heat shirnk tube
the diffrences bettwen cold applied tape and anti-corrosive tape.
the diffrences bettwen heat shrinkable tubular sleeves and heat shrinkable warpa...


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Anti-corrosion Tape

Cold Applied Tape China Good Supplier
2017-03-27 15:22:59

      Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.Cold applied tape is a good performance anti-corrosion tape with cheap price.

      Tongjin is a cold applied tape manufacture and supplier in China.Our cold applied tape is made up of polyethylene or polypropylene backing,butyl rubber adhesive and isolation film,polyethylene cold applied tape and Polypropylene cold applied tape is also used for pipeline corrosion protection.PP cold applied tape is good at shock strength and abrasion performance.PE cold applied tape is good at sealing and flexibility.So the two types of cold applied tape are suitable for different situation.

      Welcome to our company to cooperate for our cold applied tape products.We trust that our cold applied tape is one of the best in China.Tongjin also is a supplier with best credibility and integrity,We want to seek a good future with our clients.

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