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Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.
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Black,Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,White,Clear color heat shirnk tube
the diffrences bettwen cold applied tape and anti-corrosive tape.
the diffrences bettwen heat shrinkable tubular sleeves and heat shrinkable warpa...


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Heat Shrink Tubing

Color Heat Shrink Tubing
2017-03-27 15:13:55

    Heat shrink tubing always is with many kinds of color surface,black,red,yellow,green is the conventional color.Also,other color can be customized.

    Heat shrink tube is mainly made from polyolefin and other additive.Color master batch is the critical factor which decide the color of heat shrinkable tubing.That just to say that,when we need a yellow color heat shrinkable tube,we just put the yellow color master batch in to the polyolefin,mixed,extrusion tube...

    There is a important thing that many clients can not understand well,that is the color is not always the same color.Even though the polyolefin heat shrink tube is manufactured by the same one factory,there is some small different in the color of the heat shrink tube.The color master batch and the proportioning maybe is different from the before one,because of changing the color master batch supplier or human factor.So if we need a strict color of heat shrink tube,we should control any factor that can affect the final color.


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