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Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.
There are a variety of factors at play. Here are a few in not particular order o...
I have used both hot(heat shrinkable sleeves) and cold applied bitumen based wra...


Black,Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,White,Clear color heat shirnk tube
the diffrences bettwen cold applied tape and anti-corrosive tape.
the diffrences bettwen heat shrinkable tubular sleeves and heat shrinkable warpa...


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Anti-corrosion Tape

Derek MortimoreI Talk About Bitumen Cold applied Tape in Europe
2017-03-27 15:21:08

     I have used both hot(heat shrinkable sleeves) and cold applied bitumen based wraps as well as all other pipecoatings over the past 53 years. I recently inspected a gas pipeline where cold applied tape had been used on the joints. Pipe was laid in bad ground in 1972. Apart from some slight wrinkles, coating was fine, on opening some joints up, pipe was in its 'as laid' condition. 
     Yes, such coatings fail, just as FBE, 3 layer etc fail but the condemnation above does not recognise that such coatings were not designed for complete pipe protection but rather were used in the field to coat difficult items or to repair damaged parent coatings. 
Have some of the commentators stood in a wet ditch in bad weather and tried to apply FBE to a ball valve with no ability to grit blast? 
      Why are major pipeline owners in Europe specifying bitumen based tapes for their field joints on gas pipelines today? Are they stupid? NO,Go and ask Michael Schad at Denso.
      Derek Mortimore
      Independent Construction Professional

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