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Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.
There are a variety of factors at play. Here are a few in not particular order o...
I have used both hot(heat shrinkable sleeves) and cold applied bitumen based wra...


Black,Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,White,Clear color heat shirnk tube
the diffrences bettwen cold applied tape and anti-corrosive tape.
the diffrences bettwen heat shrinkable tubular sleeves and heat shrinkable warpa...


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Heat Shrink Tubing

How to Manufacture Heat Shrink Tubing
2017-03-27 15:09:10

    Heat shrink tubing is mainly made of polyethylene,also called PE heat shrink tubing.There is a question for many user that how we make PE material to a heat shrink tube? Tongjin is a one of famous manufacture in China. We will tell the answer about this question as our experience.

    First,we will make a composite formula by the requirements of the application of heat shrink tube.Then we will make the material to be many grains by mixer.This process just the most important one that will

    Second,we will make the grains to be a tube by extruder.The tube usually have continuous long and some thickness.

    Third,we will make a cross-linked process by electronic accelerator.This progress is the tip of the tube with heat shrink property.

    Fourth:we will make the diameter of the tube to bigger by expand equipment.So the final product of heat shrink tube be made out.

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