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Cold applied tape is widely used in oil and gas pipeline anti-corrosion fields.
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the diffrences bettwen cold applied tape and anti-corrosive tape.
the diffrences bettwen heat shrinkable tubular sleeves and heat shrinkable warpa...


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Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

Slovent Free Epoxy Primer for 3PE heat shrinkable sleeves
2017-03-27 15:20:29

     3PE anti-corrosion coating is widely used in the pipeline for oil and gas.Heat shrinkable sleeves just the most suitable material for welding joint of there layer polyethylene coating.Before we shrink the heat shrinkable sleeve, we must paint a epoxy primer onto the surface of the welding joint.Also there is a mastic heat shrinkable sleeves that not need primer.Epoxy primer just suitable for 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve. There is some different between 3PE heat shrinkable sleeves and mastic heat shrinkable sleeve in material prescription.

      The epoxy primer just a solvent free,two part epoxy paint and is not same as other epoxy primer,It is just design for 3PE heat shrinkable sleeve.Another epoxy primer even from different heat shrinkable sleeve manufacture maybe will not suitable for your heat shrinkable sleeve.It may cause bad adhesive between primer and adhesive of heat shrinkable sleeve.

      So we suggest our client to buy the primer from your heat shrinkable sleeve supplier so that the quality of the anti-corrosion layer of welding joint is reliable.


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